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This is Vaikavi Velusaravanan from Pondicherry, India..

I would use this page to pen down my thoughts and views.😀😀


World Photographer’s day

Albert Korda’s picture​ “Guerrillero Heroico” , of the then 31 year old hero of every soul which grieves with pain at  injustice comes to my mind at the first thought, this day. This epic picture of Che Guevara remains and will remain in the T-shirts and the hearts of youngsters around the world.

Guerrillero Heroico

Photographers are one of the fewest members of the society who travel with every natural and artificial thing existing in the world. The photographer’s work fuses with every new invention or discovery. The lens which was first used as a drawing aid, now pictures the organelles of the cell and the qaurks and neutrinos of the atom. The photographer’s skill imbibes into the satellites and brings pictures from the extra – terrestrial space. 

The strangest species existing in the wild first embrace the photographer. Photographers travel with the life of the diverse cultures existing in the corners and angles of every street. They amplify the emotions existing deep into the minds of people. They understand the pain and  thirst of mankind, and remain as the tool for change.

Picture by Michael Kenna

Pictures are the only means of time travel till date. They may not take us to the physical location but never fail to let us sink into the emotions and the atmosphere existing in them.

The Dinosaur

One fine day, on a hot sunny weather,

A dinosaur which was a black-white archaeopteryx 

Entered the city of California.

The dinosaur was wild – wildly techy!

Two great tech men in the city caught hold of it-

They managed to collect its brain waves.

It had a larger brain than what humans had,

The waves were stronger and more powerful !

The creature, owing to the absence of the sixth sense

Did not know how to put it into use…

The tech men created a human robot out of it!

They incorporated it into every gadget that existed,

The robot opened up jobs to more than quarter of the world.

Evolution took place in the brain waves of the archaeopteryx

Even in this so-called oxidising atmosphere.

The robot started understanding people,

The robot could understand and illustrate the whole world.

At one point the archaeopteryx died

The robot left hold of the animal

It did not need its waves anymore.

The robot grew intellectually and mathematically everyday!

Like any art, The robot is never going to die

As it is fed and nurtured everyday with human intelligence!

(On the evolution of Android)

The painter

A man with a typical pedlar like attire 

Once lived in the dirty corners of the town.

He got nuts by the words thrown at him during the first times ;

Later, he got used to them…

His wife was made fun of in the women circles,

She always shouted at him everyday.

He couldn’t bring much money home

He always said the truth –

Which were never believed to be true.

He had a kind heart

Everyday he sat on the streets

Glanced at the street beggar’s half-broken vessel;

He paid attention to the pale green haired singer’s song when others paid coins .

Most of his friends were people with tough life miseries

He had three children at home : a little boy and two girls

They wore simple clothes, went to a public school

The man perhaps went to school till 8th grade- he didn’t remember that !

He worked as a watchman in a government building- 

That’s how he fed his family.

One fine day he decided to paint whatever he felt

He bought papers and paint 

He painted everytime he felt sad, everytime he felt happy

His paintings gave him relief more than tears –

Cheer more than applause!

He painted till he became old and died.

A rich man bought all his paintings from his old feeble wife fascinated by them!

His children grew up

His paintings were placed in a grand museum…

They were spoken about in all the corners of the town

His grandson stood before the painting completely fascinated

Not knowing the painter …


I have been madly wanting to go to Paris since time and even now I am yearning for a chance ; like when I was little, I wanted my dad to buy me that world map which a man was selling when we were on our usual promenade on the Goubert Avenue…

Maupassant makes me love Paris even more. He carries me to Seine in my dreams and compels me to have my physical presence there. He makes me want to buy fish in Paris ; and creates a beautiful scenic night sky in Paris in my thoughts. 

Paris is where even the sky is colourful ; every street has paintings and every building is a monument. Paris loves theatres ; Paris loves artists. Paris wants it’s air to be filled with music. Paris respects tears. Paris cherishes smiles .Paris is ready to embrace anyone with lost charm .Paris has clowns in hospitals… 

When Paris applauds, artists smile with pride

When Paris is attacked , it rises spreading an intellectual momentum to the rest of the world. When its people were subjugated , Paris taught revolution to the commoner -Paris cried “Liberty , Equality and Fraternity”.

Paris celebrates love. Paris has white lilies all around. Paris has amazing food. Paris makes eternally fragrant perfumes.Paris is my childhood sweetheart, perhaps!! When pronounced in French, Paris sounds even more beautiful…

I want to have myself painted by one of the artists in streets of Paris. Want to watch a street play , listen to music and meet clowns in Paris atleast once in a lifetime!

An Indian girl’s day

She woke up early at five ..

Dreaming about her career goals;

When they announced the arrival of her groom,

Whose name she didn’t know..!

That paradise which she was building for herself

In her dreams broke down;

And her mind began thinking ways of escaping marriage:

She remembered the last night’s IPL match 

Where her favorite player’s hair-do was awesome

She had multiple crushes –

But her community blamed her for whistling at players

And hailed men who paid for call girls..

She somehow managed to reject the groom

She couldn’t have her lunch peacefully

As everybody cursed her harsh behaviour

She was confused as to who went harsh…

She left home at 3.00 with her favorite KTM

Had food in a roadside shop which she enjoyed

Filled the petrol tank in a bunk 

Where her uncle was working

And left into the woods ..met foxes..wild dogs etc..!!

Coming home …she heard screams all over

Coz girls shouldn’t be riding bikes alone-

That may mean a lot..

That time she realised that animals were no wild

But the violent torturous society..!

She remained silent 

Had the dinner which was thrown at her

And went to bed with her mobile;

There in the dark she heard one shout

Whom are you talking to this night 

She was tired to reply them…

All blamed her for her being cool

None could understand the tantrums 

Deep inside her mind;

She slept with all her dreams;

Which would have come true long ago

If the society shut its mouth.

Next to her lay a devil-

Trying to find out 

Her mobile phone’s password..

The tempest

Thoughts are not as simple as they seem!! They created civilizations when similar ones radiated together. 

Consciousness and knowledge created ideologies and discovered facts. Mysteries are solved by scientific realisations ..and things undiscovered are personified as diverse idols by different people. The grey and white little threads on the evolved human brain made the world as it is today.

The world is no doubt, amazingly beautiful..But it has its own brand of weirdness and sarcasm with it..-like: the monkey does not know that the human is from him..😁😁

The theories of evlolution and the origin of the universe are deemed fantasized by people who could not get the research and realism behind it.Any theory which is meant for the betterment of the humanity where selfishness is steered clear of is thrown out badly by the wickedness of some.

All these are vibrantly spoken out by Shakespeare in ‘The Tempest’. The sarcastic remarks of Antonio and Sebastian about Gonzalo, a genuine human being makes us laugh.

When nobles, kings and the rich verbally express sorrow ..It is a suffering..When a genuine man does the same..It is a blabber..

The play talks about present day’s politics and the very existence of the populations today and equally gives a large room for fun and entertainment..


Light, the collection of the witty packets of energy, called  photons,  dwells in the research of intellectuals in each and every field of research that human mind could imagine. Light makes the newborn cry at its first encounter. Light is a mystery even to the greatest physicists as each of them define it differently. Einstein called it a particle and there arose another scientist who called it a wave. And the present theory says that it’s both of them.

Spiritualists call it the illumination in our consciousness and the meaning of life. Revolutionists call it as the knowledge and the intellectual strength to move ahead. Medical professionals strive to show the physically challenged, the physical light;  though the so called blind have a different sphere of light deep inside their minds..

Light and gravity created the universe as the big bang says. Light is the centre of the very structure of space and time. The cosmos is a wonder to gaze at and explore right  from the Earth’s planetary neighbors of the sun’s family to the material objects in the distant galaxies. We are lucky to have been bestowed with telescopes to enjoy the cosmic feast.

Light pulses propagating in tiny optical fibres of the width of a tiny strip of thread have created the modern communications of today’s world. The future development of society in both developed countries and emerging ones around the world are inclined with the ability to effectively light our places.

The scientific knowledge of light has given a new  dimension to our lifestyle and intellect.Light stands as the symbol of peace, rebel and knowledge from the beginning of civilizations.