I have been madly wanting to go to Paris since time and even now I am yearning for a chance ; like when I was little, I wanted my dad to buy me that world map which a man was selling when we were on our usual promenade on the Goubert Avenue…

Maupassant makes me love Paris even more. He carries me to Seine in my dreams and compels me to have my physical presence there. He makes me want to buy fish in Paris ; and creates a beautiful scenic night sky in Paris in my thoughts. 

Paris is where even the sky is colourful ; every street has paintings and every building is a monument. Paris loves theatres ; Paris loves artists. Paris wants it’s air to be filled with music. Paris respects tears. Paris cherishes smiles .Paris is ready to embrace anyone with lost charm .Paris has clowns in hospitals… 

When Paris applauds, artists smile with pride

When Paris is attacked , it rises spreading an intellectual momentum to the rest of the world. When its people were subjugated , Paris taught revolution to the commoner -Paris cried “Liberty , Equality and Fraternity”.

Paris celebrates love. Paris has white lilies all around. Paris has amazing food. Paris makes eternally fragrant perfumes.Paris is my childhood sweetheart, perhaps!! When pronounced in French, Paris sounds even more beautiful…

I want to have myself painted by one of the artists in streets of Paris. Want to watch a street play , listen to music and meet clowns in Paris atleast once in a lifetime!


Author: vaikavi

Am a Tamil girl from Puducherry, India. I love writing .. libraries ..arts and sciences...Star correspondent for the Times of India..

8 thoughts on “Paris”

  1. Grt vaikavii …..u hav a bright future in writing…hatsoff 2 u…by readin this….a wish of going 2 paris came in my mind too …really awesome.

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  2. A writer is recognised when his words get along with the readers in the form of emotions… That quality is portrayed in yours.. Always love you and your works to the infinity…

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