An Indian girl’s day

She woke up early at five ..

Dreaming about her career goals;

When they announced the arrival of her groom,

Whose name she didn’t know..!

That paradise which she was building for herself

In her dreams broke down;

And her mind began thinking ways of escaping marriage:

She remembered the last night’s IPL match 

Where her favorite player’s hair-do was awesome

She had multiple crushes –

But her community blamed her for whistling at players

And hailed men who paid for call girls..

She somehow managed to reject the groom

She couldn’t have her lunch peacefully

As everybody cursed her harsh behaviour

She was confused as to who went harsh…

She left home at 3.00 with her favorite KTM

Had food in a roadside shop which she enjoyed

Filled the petrol tank in a bunk 

Where her uncle was working

And left into the woods ..met foxes..wild dogs etc..!!

Coming home …she heard screams all over

Coz girls shouldn’t be riding bikes alone-

That may mean a lot..

That time she realised that animals were no wild

But the violent torturous society..!

She remained silent 

Had the dinner which was thrown at her

And went to bed with her mobile;

There in the dark she heard one shout

Whom are you talking to this night 

She was tired to reply them…

All blamed her for her being cool

None could understand the tantrums 

Deep inside her mind;

She slept with all her dreams;

Which would have come true long ago

If the society shut its mouth.

Next to her lay a devil-

Trying to find out 

Her mobile phone’s password..


Author: vaikavi

Am a Tamil girl from Puducherry, India. I love writing .. libraries ..arts and sciences...Star correspondent for the Times of India..

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