Our rebellion for Jallikattu

I am a very young teenager who has gone through the pages of Karl Marx. Possibly, I would not have understood the philosophy in its whole, being a kid. But what my tiny understanding says is :Every human being who cares about the welfare of his fellow beings is a communist. Communism is neither a created methodology nor a movement…It is in it’s real essence, the practical manifestation of the life of a socially healthy human being.

Great leaders of the world like Che Guevara,  Fidel Castro and Stalin took to this dynamic strategy and uncovered the strength of revolution to the entire world.

Now in my Tamil people, I  witness a mighty rebellion which I feel is  making the rest of the world practically understand what communism and revolution mean.

This struggle for jallikattu has its roots in the feeling of being Tamil not withstanding all cultural and religious barriers.

When a creature is born, it smells the scent of his mother, then gets the earthly fragrance of his motherland. The creature  then makes his vocal system vibrate the rhythm of his mother tongue. Human emotions which great authors pen down through stories and which psychologists battle to explain circulate only among these three .Such emotion which was latent in the minds of Tamils has spread its sensational fire to all their blood and nerves and this has made them resonate in unison as humane rebels.

This theory of mine has no scientific proofs or theorems. So , I request you to consider it as a Poem as poems have hypothetical facts but realism is absolute in them.

This rebel is no less than the French revolution or the Salt Satyagraha. Like the syanaptic connections which give intelligence and realism to the human being .. this Tamil chain rebels out to save its tradition and its unique breeding science.


Author: vaikavi

Am a Tamil girl from Puducherry, India. I love writing .. libraries ..arts and sciences...Star correspondent for the Times of India..

9 thoughts on “Our rebellion for Jallikattu”

  1. “Jallikattu” – the word that goes through all Tamilian youngsters.It has become a basic need than just being a game.I look forward for a qualified leader like Che Guevara,Lenin and Fidel Castro from these rebellious protestants. There is a long way dudes.Cheer up…..Stay focused….

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  2. A nice nd great try by youngsters like u ..leads to massive young minds to get up nd fight for justice …keep going yaar…I will keep following ur blogs nd waiting for the next one ..

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      1. No…My people are actually protesting for our tradition…Our rights…We protest in such a way which great people like Marx and Che Guevara….thats why my words were like that…
        I would also like to mention that communism =moral freedom….

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